Elliptical Needling

GAMMA is the new generation of elliptical movement of needle beam. This technology, developed by our engineering in 2019 for ITMA Barcelona, may be added on our range of needle looms to make all of them more innovative and efficient. It could be adapted for all types of needle looms strokes.

The advantage of this engineering development are:
• Reduce the risk of breaking needles
• Give the machine a faster entrance/exit speed
• Produces better finished material
• Reduce to zero the advance/stroke

The Tectex solution for elliptic needling is easy and cheap. It can be retrofitted in most of old 2N and old Tectex looms. A perfect engineering calculation transforms the signal from sensors in precise information able to generate a precise links between mechanic and software. The software is able to adjust the machine automatically in synchronization with upstream machines.


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