Mineral Fiber Lines

The Expertise and Knowledge within our company has permitted us to become the first company in the world to offer a complete mineral fiber line. TECTEX mineral fiber lines, are designed by our engineers to offer you the best technology and most efficient machinery, in this business.
The most commonly used mineral fibers are:
-Rock Wool
-Ceramic Fiber
-Glass Fiber

The production of boards and stitched mattresses required to melt the basalt stone followed by a spinner that will vibrate and form a web to be fed into the Needle Loom resulting in the best applications. TECTEX are able to offer you a complete line from melting to rolling.

This line allows you to have high quality needled felts that could be used for the various applications at ultra high temperatures. By using our technology two types of inorganic high temperature insulation wool can be produced:
-HTIW Aluminio Silicate Wool ASW/RCF
-HTIW Alkaline Earth Silicate Wool AES/RCF
TECTEX offers a new technology for LOG.

This fiber is used for panels and polymerized felts, all commencing from silicon sands. Our Knowledge and Expertise has allowed us to improve the technology for processing this kind of nonwoven more efficiently, along with higher production speeds.

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