Needle Looms

Needle looms are used to bond Carded Webs mechanically, Carded and Crosslapped webs, also fiber pads from the Airlay system. Normally the first machine in a needling process is a pre-needle loom.

This machine allows a lighter needling process that allows a good level of bonding, realising a semi-finished or finished product. Should a better final product or faster production rate be necessary then one or more needle looms will be added following the pre-needle loom.

Since TECTEX acquired our Italian competitor Automatec, we now have the possibility to offer two different lubrication technologies: Oil and Grease. At present TECTEX, with more of 500 Needle looms in field, is one of world’s most important producers in regards to volume and quality.


Pattern Needle Loom

This particular needle loom is designed from TECTEX to match the many requests for carpets, car interiors... We use a lamellar bed plate with a rapid up and down movement and a particular disposition of needle boards. Those two things allows us do a 3D pattern by adding/feeding materials with different colours also with a nice chromatic effects. All the movements are controlled mechanically by Brushless motors. TECTEX offers a simple version of this machine, where lamellar bed plate doesn't move and can make just ribs.

Velour Needle Loom

This TECTEX structuring needle looms use a particular bed plate using a brush-conveyor that gives finished product a typical “velvet” impression. Velour needle loom is mostly used in the shoe industry and automotive headliners.

Tubolar Felt Needle Loom

One specific field in needling is the one that allows the production of endless high density felts for technical uses. This process bonds together a number of pre-needling felts and the result is an endless felt with high thickness and high density. For this reasons the machine is very special with reinforced components and has a central cantilevered beam.

Feeding Group

TECTEX produces various types of feeding groups to allow the introduction of all material types in needling process. For example classic system with converging aprons and small cylinders that works with a soft pre-compression of the fibres transporting them smoothly to a special feeding calendar composed to two cylinders equipped with plastic fingers.

This allows the introduction of voluminous webs into the needling area with minimum draft. All of our systems are in offered with our needle looms, they can be easily removed for cleaning, with a frame that moves backward/forward.

Lab Lines

Our company TECTEX offers complete lab lines from card to the end of the line. The dimensions of the lab line makes installation easy in a small space and particularly suitable to produce articles for specific sector such as medical materials or sampling for larger production units.

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